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Axactor SE (ACR) is a Nordic-based debt management company, headquartered in Oslo, with operations in five European countries. We have a solid growth track-record and a strong financial position, and we are continuously investigating new growth opportunities within existing and new markets.


Axactor Sverige har kjøpt en ny usikret NPL-portefølje, som består av 10.000 saker av konsum- og mikrolån. Børsmelding:

11.12.2017 10:04
Axactor acquires an unsecured non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio in Sweden

Oslo, 11 December 2017 - Axactor Sweden have acquired a fresh unsecured NPL portfolio. The portfolio includes unsecured credit with a total Outstanding Balance (OB) of approximately EUR6 million, across close to 10,000 open accounts of consumer loans and micro-loans. The portfolio allows Axactor Sweden to get invaluable insight into the rapidly expanding micro-finance sector, as well as including the more vanilla consumer loans.

"This acquisition demonstrates Axactor's ability to work with new clients in Sweden and build a well-diversified portfolio. We expect further purchases to follow this one in the coming months.", says Fredrik Kessler, Country Manager Axactor Sweden.

The investments will be financed by Axactor's available cash and our existing credit facilities.

13.12.2017 08:02
Axactor Group secures significant consumer portfolio in Italy

Oslo, 13th December 2017 - Axactor Italy, an Axactor group company, has acquired a significant portfolio of unsecured consumer claims from a large financial institution in Italy. The portfolio has an outstanding balance of approximately EUR 90m across 20.000 cases and represents Axactor's largest acquisition in Italy since acquiring CS Union in 2016. This acquisition will generate an increase in the volumes of cases under management and will benefit both the amicable and legal workstreams, which are both very important in Italy.

Massimiliano Ciferri, country manager Italy, commented "This acquisition marks a significant investment for Axactor Group in Italy and one on which we believe we can build on to generate further purchases. The new management team in Axactor are extremely excited to have successfully acquired such a high quality portfolio. "

The investments will be financed by Axactor Italy's existing credit facilities.

18.12.2017 14:32
Axactor enters a Forward Flow agreement for unsecured non-performing loan (NPL) claims with Instabank ASA in Norway.

Axactor will acquire fresh unsecured Consumer lending claims, on a monthly basis, from Instabank. The annual volume is expected to be over EUR7m, giving Axactor further regular volumes on top of existing contracts already in place. This deal in combination with several key hires into the Portfolio management team within the Norwegian entity in Axactor, will significantly increase the contribution the acquisition business makes to Norway in 2018.

Oddgeir Hansen, Interim Country Manager for Axactor commented "This deal clearly demonstrates the increased focus from both Group and Local management on the debt purchase product is paying off. The new hires in the portfolio team are already delivering the changes needed to push Axactor onto a completely different level. I welcome these additional volumes as well as further expected portfolios to help drive significant growth in 2018."

This acquisition will be financed through Axactor's existing Cash and Credit Facilities.
Axactor AB melder at selskapet inngår avtale med bankene DNB og Nordea om refinansiering av gjeldende låneavtale.

20.12.2017 12:37
Axactor AB reaches agreement with DNB and Nordea about refinancing of current loan agreement

Oslo 20 December 2017 - Axactor AB has today reached agreement with its' two main banks DNB Bank ASA and Nordea Bank AB about the terms for refinancing of the existing debt facility. The debt facility will increase from current EUR 160m to EUR 350m, whereof 150m are in the form of accordion options. The new facility allows for a significant increase of the current NPL loan-to-value ratio for new and existing NPL portfolios, includes a true borrowing base concept, and removes the current cash sweep mechanism. The new facility has final maturity 3 years after signing.

CFO Geir Johansen commented " We are very happy to have reached agreement with our two main banks about the refinancing of our current RCF. The new facility more than doubles in size and provides significantly improved operational flexibility. Having removed the current cash sweep mechanism, Axactor should see an improvement in liquidity after the refinanced agreement is made effective. The refinancing of the current facility at a higher loan-to-value ratio should free up some EUR 25m in cash which can be used as equity in new NPL acquisitions in 2018."

21.12.2017 13:03
Axactor with new third party collection agreement in Spain

Oslo 21 December 2017 - Axactor has signed a new third party long-term contract with one of the largest Spanish financial institutions. The three-year contract is expected to generate a yearly revenue of close to EUR 4 million. Axactor will, on behalf of the bank, manage a yearly debt collection volume of around Euro 300 million of early debt from SME's & Others.

"With this agreement we will strengthens our position as the preferred third party debt collection partner for the financial institutions in Spain. This contact will also secure our diversity in the credit management services industry in the Spanish market", says Andrés López and David Martín, Country Managers of Axactor Spain.
Ny børsmelding:

22.12.2017 10:45
Axactor Group acquires three further portfolios in Italy

Oslo, 22 December 2017 - Axactor Italy has acquired two mixed portfolios and a small leasing portfolio in Italy. One of the mixed portfolios includes an element of secured cases, which is being used as a test case for building internal competence in another important NPL segment. These portfolios combined have an outstanding balance of just over EUR 80m across approximately 750 cases, with 20% relating to cases which are secured.

Massimiliano Ciferri, country manager Italy, commented "This acquisition is in line with Axactor's strategy elsewhere in Europe, allowing the Italian business to diversify across a broader range of NPL segments with the benefit of being able to participate in an increasing number of sales going forward."

The investments will be financed by Axactor Italy's existing credit facilities.

29.12.2017 08:16
Axactor acquires a portfolio in Sweden within the energy market

Oslo, 29 December 2017 - Axactor Sweden has acquired an old Debt Surveillance portfolio from one of the largest energy companies in Sweden. The portfolio has a total Outstanding Balance (OB) of approximately EUR 8 million and 10 500 debtors. The purchase is another step to grow fast in the Swedish market and in different industries.

"This acquisition demonstrates Axactor's strength in the Swedish market. We expect further purchases in the near future with reference to our ambitious strategy. ", says Fredrik Kessler, Country Manager Axactor Sweden.

The investments will be financed by Axactor's available cash and our existing credit facilities.
Denne aksjen fortjener mye mer debatt, den handles på høye volumer og har en stor oppside hvis Q4 blir såpass bra som en del analytikere tror.
Støtten på 2,75 er så solid at det er begrenset risiko ved å legge denne aksjen inn som viktig del av en finansportefølje. Første viktige motstand er på +/- 3,10. Over der er ingen historikk. Foreløpig litt mye shorting som holder aksjen i et enerverende sideleie, men som fort kan endres inn mot Q4.
Axactor kjøper mer usikret gjeld i Spania. Børsmelding:

22.02.2018 14:31
Axactor acquires a large unsecured portfolio from "Santander Consumer Finance" in Spain.

Oslo, February 22th, 2018

Axactor has acquired a portfolio with a total outstanding balance of EUR 133 million from "Santander Consumer Finance", one of the largest financial institution in Spain. The portfolio consists of more than 15 000 cases coming from non-performing loans on auto market.

It is the second auto portfolio Axactor Spain purchases in less than six months, and implies a remarkable increase on the expertise and know-how of Axactor Spain Auto management.

"Axactor Spain is delighted to close its first unsecured NPL transaction of the year. The portfolio demonstrated our ability to keep growing the business across all NPL segments and will contribute to strengthen our position as one of the leading collection companies in the Spanish market", say Andrés López and David Martín, country managers of Axactor Spain.

The investments will be financed by Axactor's available cash and our existing credit facilities.

13.08.2018, 08:20:00
Nytt navn fra og med / New name from 13.08.2018

Axactor AB (publ) endrer selskapets navn til Axactor SE. Se melding fra selskapet 10.08.2018. Selskapet vil fra og med 13.08.2018 være notert på Oslo Børs med nytt navn Axactor SE. ISIN, ticker og instrument ID er uforandret.

Axactor AB (publ) changes the company name Axactor SE. See announcement from the company 10.08.2018. The company will be listed on Oslo Børs with the new name Axactor SE from 13.08.2018. ISIN number, ticker and instrument ID remains unchanged.