NEL ASA (NEL) er det første dedikerte hydrogenselskapet listet på Oslo Børs. Selskapet har sine røtter fra hydrogenaktivitetene til Norsk Hydro, som dateres tilbake til 1927. Nels hovedprodukter er hydrogenproduksjonsanlegg for industri og energiformål, hydrogenstasjoner for transportsektoren, samt lagringsløsninger for fornybar energi. Selskapet har også en rekke patenter relatert til tester for tidlig sykdomsdiagnostisering.



Børsmelding fra NEL onsdag kveld:

Nel ASA: Enters into exclusive partnership with Nikola - Awarded initial purchase order for two demo stations

(Oslo, 15 November 2017) Nel ASA (Nel, OSE:NEL) has received a purchase order
from Nikola Motor Company (Nikola Motor) for two demo refueling stations to
provide hydrogen to Nikola's fleet of prototype hydrogen trucks. The purchase
order is the initial part of an exclusive partnership aiming at developing low
-cost renewable hydrogen production and fueling sites for the potential
development of 16 large-scale sites with a capacity up to 32 tons of hydrogen
per day.
"We are very excited to announce our partnership with Nikola for a joint
endeavor to develop mega-scale hydrogen fueling stations based on our new
cluster design, which leverages Nel's highly scalable electrolyzers in order to
reduce the cost of hydrogen and achieve price parity with fossil fuels. Our
initial two demo stations will each provide one ton of hydrogen to Nikola
Motor's prototype trucks and serve as design verification for Nel's mega-scale
concept. This solution will be jointly developed and scaled into the world's
most efficient network of low-cost hydrogen production and fueling sites," says
Jon André Løkke, Chief Executive Officer of Nel.

Nikola Motor has entered into an agreement with Nel to work exclusively on all
hydrogen stations involving electrolysis. The initial part of the partnership
includes building two demo-stations for hydrogen fueling, which will serve the
Nikola test fleet that will begin rolling out next year. For the following mega
-stations, Nel will incorporate its clustering concept, where eight Nel A-485
electrolysers are integrated into one unit, to achieve lower CapEx levels.

"We are building the world's largest hydrogen network. Nel´s electrolyzers are
well proven, and known in the industry for being very efficient and reliable,
making them a natural backbone for the development of our mega-stations. We are
beyond excited to work with the Nel team to deploy this groundbreaking
technology as quickly as possible across the US," says Trevor Milton, Chief
Executive Officer of Nikola Motor.

Nikola has an initial target to build 16 of the mega-scale hydrogen stations
between 2019-2021, with a minimum of eight units of the Nel A-485 electrolyzer
per site. The solution is scalable to a maximum of 32 units of the Nel A-485
electrolyzer per site, equaling a production capacity of up to 32 tons of
hydrogen per day.

The initial purchase order has a value of USD 3.6 million and delivery of the
demo stations is intended to start in the second half of 2018.


Her vil de lage hydrogen fra vind

Flere aktører langs kysten jobber med å erstatte diesel med hydrogen i skipsfarten. Norsk Vindenergisenter håper på et pilotanlegg ved Smøla vindpark på Møre.

– Stor optimisme rundt hydrogen
Det er økende interesse for hydrogen til maritimt bruk, og Norge har gode forutsetninger for å ta i bruk drivstoffet, ifølge Liv-Elisif Kalland som er rådgiver for transport og hydrogen i Miljøorganisasjonen Zero.

– Det er ganske stor optimisme rundt hydrogen nå, blant annet fordi vi har en stor maritim næring, og produsenter av både båter, strøm og produksjonsutstyr for hydrogen. Vi har hele verdikjeden lett tilgjengelig, sier Kalland til E24.


Børsmelding fra Nel ASA i kveld angående reparasjonsemisjonen. Det er tegnet rundt 79,1 millioner aksjer i emisjonen:

20.11.2017 17:27
Nel ASA: Preliminary result of the Subsequent Offering

(Oslo, 20 November 2017) Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement
dated 7 November 2017 regarding the commencement of the subsequent offering of
up to 10,000,000 new shares (the "Offer Shares") in Nel ASA ("Nel" or the
"Company") at a subscription price of NOK 2.50 per share (the "Subsequent

The subscription period ended today on 20 November 2017 at 16:30 hours (CET). A
preliminary counting indicates that the Company has received subscriptions for
approximately 79.1 million Offer Shares in the Subsequent Offering.

The allocation of the Offer Shares in the Subsequent Offering is expected to be
resolved by the Company during 21 November 2017, in accordance with the
allocation criteria set out in the Company's prospectus dated 6 November 2017.
The final result of the Subsequent Offering will be published shortly
thereafter, and subscribers who are allocated Offer Shares will receive a letter
with the number of allocated Offer Shares and the corresponding subscription
amount to be paid by each of the subscribers.

Arctic Securities and Carnegie acted as joint bookrunners in the Subsequent
Offering. Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS acted as Norwegian legal counsel to the


21.11.2017 10:08
Nel ASA: Final result of the Subsequent Offering

The subscription period in the Subsequent Offering expired on 20 November at
16:30 CET. By the end of the subscription period, the Company had received valid
subscriptions for a total of 79.1 million Offer Shares, equivalent to a value of
NOK 197.8 million. Hence, 10 million Offer Shares will be issued, and upon the
registration of the new share capital, the Company will have 998,714,952 shares
issued, each of par value NOK 0.20.


Innsidere vil selge NEL-aksjer, børsmelding:

13.12.2017 16:30

H2 Holding ApS has retained Carnegie AS as sole bookrunner to explore the opportunity to sell up to 40,000,000 shares in NEL ASA ("Nel" or the "Company") through an accelerated bookbuilding process (the "Placing"). H2 Holding ApS is partially owned by Jacob Krogsgaard (25%) and Mikael Sloth (25%) who are both part of the executive management of Nel ASA in the roles of SVP Nel Hydrogen Solutions and VP Business Development, respectively. The net proceeds from the sale of shares will mainly be used to cover tax provisions for H2 Holding ApS and its shareholders.

As of today, H2 Holding ApS owns 127,405,784 shares in Nel ASA, representing 12.8% of the share capital in the Company. Additionally, Jacob Krogsgaard and Mikael Sloth each own 109,217 shares. The transaction represents approximately 4% of the outstanding shares in the Company, and assuming that all shares offered in the Placing are sold, H2 Holding ApS will own 87,405,781 shares in Nel ASA, representing 8.8% of the share capital in the Company.

The bookbuilding process will commence immediately following the publication of this announcement and may be closed at short notice. A further announcement will be made following pricing of the sale.

At present 63,377,778 of the shares held by H2 Holding ApS are subject to lock-up expiring on 25 June 2019. In connection with the Placing, H2 Holding ApS, Jacob Krogsgaard and Mikael Sloth will enter into a customary lock-up agreement with Carnegie until 25 June 2019 on any shares not sold in the Placing.


H2 Holdings ApS har solgt 40.000.000 akser til kr 3,45 per stk, totalt 138 millioner kroner. Børsmelding:

14.12.2017 08:07

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice published on 13 December 2017 regarding the potential sale of up to 40,000,000 shares in Nel ASA ("Nel" or the "Company") by H2 Holding ApS.

H2 Holding ApS has today sold 40,000,000 shares in Nel representing approximately 4% of the share capital in Nel by way of an accelerated bookbuilding process (the "Placing"), retaining almost 70% of its exposure to Nel and a lock-up until 25 June 2019. The shares were sold at a price of NOK 3.45 per share.
H2 Holding ApS is partially owned by Jacob Krogsgaard (25%) and Mikael Sloth (25%) who are both part of the executive management of Nel ASA in the roles of SVP Nel Hydrogen Solutions and VP Business Development, respectively. The net proceeds from the sale of shares will mainly be used to cover tax provisions for H2 Holding ApS and its shareholders.

The net proceeds from the sale of shares will mainly be used to cover provisions for H2 Holding ApS on mandatory Danish taxation on the notional capital gain of its shareholding in Nel. In addition, H2 Holding ApS will transfer 913,128 shares to employees that were employed at the time H2 Logic A/S was acquired by Nel as a reward for their contribution for their efforts prior to the acquisition. Primary insider Jørn Rosenlund, SVP for Nel Hydrogen Fueling, will receive 1,800 shares and now holds 334,974 shares. Primary insider Martin Borum Pedersen, Finance Director, will receive 55,800 shares and now holds 305,800 shares.

Prior to the Placing, H2 Holding ApS owned 127,405,784 shares in NEL ASA, representing 12.8% of the share capital in the Company. Following the Placing and the transfer of shares to employees, H2 Holding ApS holds 86,492,653 shares in Nel ASA, representing 8.7% of the share capital in the Company. These shares, in addition to Jacob Krogsgaard's and Mikael Sloth's personal holdings of 109,217 shares each, will be subject to a customary lock-up agreement with Carnegie until 25 June 2019.

Carnegie AS acted as bookrunner in the transaction.



18.12.2017 15:13
Awarded contract for hydrogen electrolyser and fueling station in Estonia

(Oslo, 18 December 2017) Nel Hydrogen Solutions, a division of Nel ASA (Nel,
OSE:NEL), has received a purchase order on a combined hydrogen PEM electrolyser
and H2Station® fueling solution for NT Bene in Estonia, Europe. The combined
solution will have a hydrogen capacity of more than 400kg/day and will be used
for fueling of cars, busses and trucks.
"We are pleased to make a first sales of Proton PEM electrolyser combined the
Nel H2Station in Europe. This is a compact and competitive solution for
H2Stations for heavy duty vehicles in Europe" Says Jacob Krogsgaard SVP Nel
Hydrogen Solutions.

Nel has been leading the push for making competitive hydrogen for heavy duty
mobility in Europe, and this project is yet another proof of the strong
synergies across the Nel Hydrogen group.

The H2Station will be installed in the city of Pärnu in Estonia, where it will
serve cars and later a fleet of busses and trucks. The awarded contract has a
total value of Euro 4,5 million, with expected delivery and installation during

The project H2Nodes/Infrastructure in Pärnu is co-financed by the European
Union's Connecting Europe Facility.



18.12.2017 16:14
Nel ASA: Awarded NOK 20 million grant for deployment of two fueling stations in Akershus

(Oslo, December 18, 2017) Uno-X Hydrogen AS, a Nel ASA (Nel) joint venture, has
today been awarded a grant of NOK 20 million from the Norwegian public
enterprise Enova SF, for expanding the Norwegian hydrogen network with two
hydrogen fueling stations in Akershus.
"Nel is proud to announce that Uno-X Hydrogen has been awarded NOK 20 million
from Enova for establishing two additional hydrogen fueling stations in
Akershus, Norway. This will ensure a solid, initial network of fueling stations
in Akershus county. Furthermore, it marks an important next step in establishing
a network of hydrogen fueling stations that will enable wide-spread use of
hydrogen vehicles in and between the major cities in Norway by 2020. The support
is also another positive signal from the government recognising hydrogen as an
important zero-emission fuel for the Norwegian transport sector," says Jon André
Løkke, CEO of Nel.

"Uno-X Hydrogen is grateful for Enova's support, and hope hydrogen
infrastructure will be high on Enova's agenda in the years to come. Uno-X
Hydrogen is a strong believer in hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicles as the
most user-friendly zero-emission solution in Norway. Our goal is to provide the
necessary infrastructure - securing our customers several zero emission
-alternatives to choose from, and to meet the demand for hydrogen fuel in a
convenient way at the lowest possible cost for the consumer", says Roger
Hertzenberg, CEO of Uno-X Hydrogen.

Enova SF is a Norwegian public enterprise responsible for the promotion of
environmentally friendly production and consumption of energy. In 2017, Enova
issued a support program to support establishment of hydrogen infrastructure, as
well as support for fleet users to purchase hydrogen vehicles and stations.

"The market for hydrogen fueling solutions is in an exciting growth phase
globally, and it's great to see that the Norwegian government through Enova is
recognizing this. Akershus has been the leading region in Norway on hydrogen
mobility, and we are happy to support its continued development by establishing
two additional hydrogen stations in the region," says Løkke.



21.12.2017 08:00
Nel ASA: Awarded Orders over USD 2.3 Million for U.S. and U.K. Navy Electrolyzer Stacks

(Oslo, 21 December 2017) Proton OnSite (Proton), the U.S. subsidiary of Nel ASA
(Nel, OSE:NEL), has received combined purchase orders for electrolyzer cell
stacks from United Technologies Aerospace Systems (UTAS) for the U.S. and U.K.
submarine fleets, at a value of more than USD 2.3 million. The electrolyzer
stacks produce critical life support oxygen for Navy crews on multiple classes
of nuclear powered submarines and will be delivered under an exclusive contract.
"We are very proud to work with our partner UTAS and the Navy customers for our
cell stacks. These new orders demonstrate the continuing success of our world
class manufacturing and quality systems, as well as the robustness of our
industry leading PEM technology that is delivering mission critical oxygen to
the sailors onboard these Navy submarine fleets" says Jon André Løkke, CEO of

The purchase orders, valued at more than USD 2.3 million, will be part of an
exclusive contract with UTAS, and follows Proton's long history of supplying PEM
electrolyzer stacks for the production of critical life sustaining oxygen on
board Navy submarines for over a decade. The cell stack technology jointly
developed by Proton and UTAS for their Navy customers has also been integrated
into commercial electrolyzers under Proton's C-Series® product line.

"The Navy acquisition community is now exclusively buying PEM stacks for oxygen
production on submarines, based on its long track record of reliability and
performance, and Nel is now the world's leading supplier of PEM technology for
this application. Furthermore, the military heritage and performance of these
cell stacks assures customers receive unparalleled reliability and durability
for their commercial electrolyzer applications," says Løkke.


Pressemelding fra Hordaland fylkeskommune:

Første fyllestasjon for hydrogenbilar opna - Hordaland fylkeskommune

Publisert 26.01.2018

– Dette er som julaftan. Vi er mange som har jobba saman for å få dette til, sa fylkesvaraordførar Pål Kårbø då han, saman med byråd Julie Andersland, opna den første fyllestasjonen for hydrogen i Hordaland.

Fyllestasjonen vart opna i Åsane på bensinstasjonen til Uno-X like ved Gullgruven. Dette er den første på Vestlandet og den andre i Noreg.

Satsar på hydrogen

– Hordaland fylkeskommune har jobba lenge for å få dette til. Vi har vedteke ein eigen strategi for satsing på hydrogen som energikjelde. I fylkeskommunen har vi og kjøpt inn to hydrogenbilar, den eine til OT/PPT i Åsane og den andre i fylkesadministrasjonen. Vi har og sett på korleis vi kan stimulere andre til å satse på hydrogen. Drosje- og transportnæringa vil vi stimulere slik at dei kan kjøpe utsleppsfrie bilar. Bergen kommune og Hordaland fylkeskommune står saman om å få eit meir fossilfritt samfunn, sa fylkesvaraordførar Pål Kårbø.

Godt nøgd med hydrogenbil

OT/PPT i Åsane er svært nøgd med den nye utsleppsfrie hydrogenbilen.

– Vi fekk bilen for to dagar sidan. Dette er første gong vi køyrer den. Vi er godt nøgd med bilen. Den er stødig og fin å køyre. Vi skal bruke den når vi skal på oppdrag lengst vekk i distriktet vårt som til Kvam og Austrheim, seier Torill Throndsen i OT/PPT i Åsane.

20 millionar i offentleg støtte

Uno-X står for utbygginga av hydrogenfyllestasjonar i Hordaland. Dei har fått 20 millionar kroner i offentleg støtte til å bygge to fyllestasjonar og eit anlegg for produksjon av hydrogengass. I tillegg til Åsane, kjem den andre fyllestasjonen på Søreide. Produksjonsanlegget skal byggast i Simonsviken på Laksevåg. Totalt skal Uno-X investere 50 millionar kroner til dette.

Til no er det 13 hydrogenbilar i Bergen og 100 i Oslo.


Hybrid Vs. Hydrogen – Where Does The Future Lie?

So which is better? In an ideally developed world, hydrogen and electric propulsion will be on a fairly level playing field. Though at present many swear by electrification as the future, it relies heavily on all our other energy sources being green to truly earn its zero-emission tag. Hydrogen fuel cells are currently in their infancy by comparison. However, the signs are clear that hydrogen poses a far greener alternative out of the box. Once the issue of supply infrastructure is sufficiently sorted, the convenience of a five-minute fill up at a fuelling station is a notion that makes a compelling argument for hydrogen.

It boasts all the benefits of a combustion engine and an electric drivetrain, but with none of the downsides of either – if manufacturers are willing to develop it, hydrogen may well be the future of mobility.


Studie viser: – Hydrogendrevne hurtigbåter fullt mulig i Midt-Norge - SINTEF

Det er både teknisk, økonomisk og praktisk mulig å basere hurtigbåtsambandet mellom Trondheim og Brekstad/Kristiansund på nullutslipps-drivstoffet hydrogen, konkluderer fersk rapport.

Rapporten er utarbeidet av SINTEF og konsulentfirmaet Greensight, for Trøndelag fylkeskommune. Konklusjonene inngår som underlag for en konkurranse, der fylkeskommunen ber den maritime næringen komme opp med løsninger for utslippsfrie hurtigbåter til bruk i Midt-Norge.


Nel får kontrakt til «flere milliarder»

Norske Nel får en kontrakt som kan være verdt flere milliarder kroner med amerikanske Nikola Motor Company, som produserer hydrogenlastebiler.

Kontrakten skal gjelde fra 2020, og omfatter leveranser av 448 elektrolysører og fylleutstyr til Nikola, som bygger infrastruktur for lastebiler og passasjerbiler drevet på hydrogen i USA.


Nel varsler emisjon, storeier selger kjempepost -

Hydrogenselskapet Nel vurderer en emisjon på opptil 90 millioner aksjer etter milliardkontrakt for Nikola Motor Company.

Emisjonen vil oppta ni prosent av selskapets nåværende aksjer. Samtidig vil F9 Investments, som eier 14,56 prosent av Nel, vurdere et nedsalg på opptil 50 millioner aksjer, tilsvarende fem prosent av utestående aksjer.