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Scanship Holding ASA (SSHIP) is a maritime industry leader in advanced technologies for processing waste and purifying water. Owners operating our systems have the solutions to convert all waste and wastewater to inert materials, recyclables, clean flue gas and effluent which meets the highest international discharge standards. Our new technologies will recover energy and water, providing tangible payback from the operations. We strive for the highest quality, best innovation and sustainable solutions.



Scanship melder i ettermiddag om en tredje kontrakt med italienske Fincantieri. Børsmelding.

22.12.2017 16:00
Scanship Holding ASA : Scanship awarded clean ship system contract by Fincantieri for Silversea cruises newbuild

Scanship Holding ASA through its subsidiary Scanship AS, has been awarded a
contract by the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri for the supply of total clean
ship system for a Silversea Cruises newbuild. The newbuild will enter service in
2020, and Scanship will deliver equipment during 2019.

"This will be the third newbuild with Scanship total clean ship system built by
Fincantieri for Silversea Cruises. We are very pleased to work with Fincantieri
and Silversea on this high-end luxury class of ship to ensure environmental
sustainability at sea" says CEO Henrik Badin in a statement.


Scanship skal levere et slambehandlingssystem til et av SalMar sine smoltanlegg. Børsmelding:

05.02.2018 13:15
Scanship Holding ASA : Scanship bags new "circular" contract in Aquaculture market

Scanship Holding ASA through its subsidiary Scanship AS, has been awarded a contract with SalMar Settefisk AS at their Follafoss smolt facility. The
contract is for the delivery of a Scanship sludge treatment system to separate out biosolids to be used for energy production in a nearby Biogas plant. After the upgrade of the Follafoss facility, SalMar Settefisk AS will be able to increase their smolt production to 20 million a year.

"We are very pleased to be a part of the new sustianable wave in the Aquaculture industry transforming residual waste from fish production into valuable fertilizer products and energy production"; says CEO Henrik Badin.