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TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA (TGS) provides multi-client geoscience data and services to oil and gas Exploration and Production companies around the globe. TGS geophysical and geological data products include multi-client seismic libraries, magnetic and gravity data, the industry's largest global database of digital well logs and regional interpretive products. TGS also provides high-end depth imaging services to help resolve complex seismic imaging problems.



TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company og Schlumberger går i gang med undersøkelser utenfor Egypt. Børsmelding:

20.12.2017 07:51
TGS and Schlumberger Announce New 2D Multi-client Project in Egyptian Red Sea

ASKER, NORWAY (20 December 2017) - TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS) and
Schlumberger today announced a new 2D seismic project offshore Egypt.

The project will comprise acquisition of a 10,000 km 2D long-offset broadband
multi-client seismic survey. Advanced new acquisition and imaging techniques
will provide better illumination of complex subsalt structures. The project will
integrate all legacy seismic and non-seismic data. Acquisition will commence
mid-December and is expected to complete in late Q1 2018.

This project is part of an agreement entered with South Valley Egyptian
Petroleum Holding Company (GANOPE) in which Schlumberger and TGS have a minimum
15-year period of exclusive multi-client rights in a ~70,000 km(2) open area
offshore the Egyptian Red Sea.
"The unexplored offshore Egyptian Red Sea area is made up of large, untested
structures and well-established hydrocarbon systems, which offer exceptional
growth opportunities for oil companies. New imaging technologies are required to
improve subsurface understanding and increase exploration success rates. The
upcoming new multi-client 2D seismic acquisition program is the initial step in
mitigating the complex salt imaging challenges of this unique opportunity," said
Kristian Johansen, CEO, TGS.

Maurice Nessim, president, WesternGeco, Schlumberger, added: "Our comprehensive
geological understanding, innovative seismic imaging techniques and full
integration of non-seismic methods will define new exploration trends in these
prospective basins. The Schlumberger unique play-to-prospect integrated
subsurface evaluation capabilities will enable customers to develop new
prospectivity insight and accelerate their exploration decisions in this
structurally complex area. Our program will have significant impact on the
exploration potential for the entire Red Sea (600,000 km(2) across 5 countries).
Our collaborative approach will help customers to identify high potential play
segments, assess exploration risks and accelerate hydrocarbon maturation

GANOPE is responsible for managing the hydrocarbon resource potential at South
Valley. This project is supported by industry funding.



21.12.2017 07:50
TGS announces Alonso 3D multi-client project in US GOM

ASKER, NORWAY (21 December, 2017) - TGS announces new multi-client acquisition
project, Alonso 3D in the US Gulf of Mexico.
Alonso 3D is a multi-client survey of 6,172 km(2) located in the Atwater Valley
and Lloyd Ridge protraction areas of the US Gulf of Mexico. Multi-level targets
exist, from Miocene to Jurassic. This project allows TGS to extend coverage from
a core area in Mississippi Canyon into a more frontier area that is experiencing
renewed interest from E&P companies. TGS will acquire new 3D data to provide the
higher spatial resolution required to delineate multiple plays at multiple
levels. Acquisition is expected to commence in February 2018. Data processing
will be performed by TGS using its Clari-Fi(TM) broadband technology.

"Alonso 3D will expand TGS' modern 3D coverage in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico.
After a period of lower activity levels in the US GOM, this survey helps
strengthen our position in an underexplored area that is of interest to our
clients, ahead of upcoming lease turnover. The Alonso 3D survey further adds to
our GOM library which also includes successful WAZ data programs to the north of
this area," commented Kristian Johansen, CEO for TGS.

This survey is supported by industry funding.


Torsdag er dommen fra Borgarting lagmannsrett klar i skattesvik-saken mot eks-direktørene Christian Selmer og Arne Helland og selskapet TGS.

I en børsmelding skriver TGS at selskapet er frikjent for tiltalen om medvirkning til brudd på skatteloven i en enstemmig avgjørelse fra lagmannretten. Både Selmer og Helland blir også frifunnet, ifølge domsslutningen.